7 Things Every Man Should Look for When Choosing a Beard Shampoo

7 Things Every Man Should Look for When Choosing a Beard Shampoo

7 Things Every Man Should Look for When Choosing a Beard Shampoo

Choosing the right beard shampoo is essential for your beard's health. Here's what to look for when making such an important choice.

It's official, science has proven that a beard will make you more attractive. But it isn't enough to just grow your facial hair out.

You have to maintain it, work on it, take care of it. That way your beard looks great and is soft and touchable for your significant other.

The first step in maintaining your beard is to use beard shampoo. This will help clean your beard but not strip away the essential natural oils.

Let us help you get your beard routine started off right with a quality beard shampoo.

Shampoo over Soap?

Regular soap is meant to be used on your body, not on your beard. Because of this, regular soap will dry out your beard.

This is because it will harshly strip away the natural oils from your skin.

What About Regular Shampoo?

People will try to tell you that regular shampoo and beard shampoo are the same things. Maybe you believe this fallacy yourself.

Well, it's time to stop.

Beard hair and hair growing on your head are two different types of hair. The hair on your head is thinner and finer. It is also less exposed to daily abuse.

The hair on your face is subject to shaving, you touching it, and you eating. Your beard hair is also prone to split ends which will only make your beard feel rougher.

How Often Do You Shampoo?

It doesn't matter if you have stubble length or an impressively long beard, if you have facial hair you should be using beard shampoo. Once you start, you should aim for washing your beard about every other day.

This should equal out to washing your beard 3 to 4 times a week. Washing your beard daily will most likely be too much.

Washing this often will strip your beard of natural oils. You want these oils because they help keep your beard hydrated, healthy, and soft.

1. Pay Attention to the Labels

Before you decide on a beard shampoo, look at the ingredients in it. You want to find one that is paraben free.

Parabens are preservatives that are often put into beauty products. They absorb into your skin and disrupt hormone function and may cause cancer.

You should also look for the company to state that they don't test on animals. You don't need animals harmed just for your beard shampoo.

Pay attention to how the scent is added to the shampoo. For example, are they using synthetic chemicals or all natural oils?

2. Price Isn't Everything

Don't judge a beard shampoo solely on the price. Just because it is expensive doesn't automatically mean it is the best. It also doesn't mean that it isn't worth the money. 

The best thing to do is look at the ingredients and what other users say about the shampoo. You'll know right away if the shampoo is worth the cost. 

Conversely, don't assume that because a shampoo is lower priced that it isn't good. You can often find a quality product at a reasonable price because they don't have over the top marketing to pay for.

3. Consistency and Performance

As a general rule, thicker shampoos tend to be better than thinner ones. You'll find that a thicker shampoo is easier to apply and work a lather out of.

Don't judge the quality of the shampoo on the lather. Instead, look and feel your beard after some time of consistent use. This will give you the best indication of its effectiveness.

Before you buy a shampoo, look at the reviews from others. Try to find reviewers who have a similar beard and skin situation as you. This will give you a more accurate idea of how it will perform on your beard.

4. The Scent

You want to look for a scent that you enjoy. Remember that your beard is right under your nose, so you're probably going to get a full whiff of it.

You could go for a light and fruity scents like citrus fire, orange grove, or sandalwood. Maybe you are the type to prefer a more woodsy smell like campfire or mountain air. There are also more unconventional options such as black coffee, IPA, or bay rum.

If you are the type that doesn't want any scent then look for one that doesn't have a smell.

5. The Dandruff Issue

Dandruff isn't just a problem on your head. It can also plague your beard. The worst part is, you can't really hide it on your face like you can on your head.

You'll want to find out the reason for your dandruff. Any number of things could be causing your dandruff such as a skin condition, sensitivity to products, or dry skin. 

If you know it's dry skin, look for a shampoo that is moisturizing. This will help combat your dry skin which will reduce dandruff.

If you are sensitive to products then you'll want to find one with very few ingredients. You'll also want to find one with gentle cleaning ingredients.

Another thing to look for if you have sensitive skin is claims of being natural and organic. This means that there are no synthetic chemicals that are likely to cause irritation in your skin.

You Need Beard Shampoo

If you've noticed that your beard is scratchy and not as soft as it could be, it's time to start using a beard shampoo. This will help keep your beard healthy and touchable.

Finding the best beard shampoo is about looking for one that is within your budget, with quality ingredients, that delivers on its promise.

Buy high-quality shampoo for your beard today.