How Much Beard Oil Should To Use Based On Length

How Much Beard Oil Should To Use Based On Length

So if you're thinking about buying beard oil or you already own some, you might be thinking about how much beard oil to use on your particular beard.

Well, as you guessed, how much you use depends on the length of your beard.  So below let's look at some various beard types and then we'll show you about how much beard oil to use per style.

Let's browse 3 styles.

Style 1: Short Beard

short beard

Amount To Use: A short beard, even if it grows in thick should only need about the size of a dime of beard oil.  If you go much over this you'll likely to make your beard feel greasy.

Style 2: Medium Beard

medium length beard

Amount To Use: For a medium beard, you'll want to use about the size of a nickel.

Style 3: Long Beard

Long Beard

Amount To Use: For the long lumberjack style beard, you'll want about the size of a quarter.  Keep in mind that if you go beyond this you'll need to test and see what feels right.  

You can always start with a less amount of beard oil and work your way up but you can't work your way down.  So if you have a long thick beard start with a nickel and add to it if that doesn't do the trick.

How do you know if you've applied enough?  You'll be able to tell.  The skin beneath the beard should feel moisturized but not overly oily f you're using the correct amount.

Testing is the best way to find out how much beard oil to use going forward.  The above is just a basic guide to help you learn how much you should put into your beard but testing will help you perfect it.  

Some men have naturally thicker beards than other so again, test, test, test!  Your beard should never feel greasy/oily and it should also never look greasy/oily as well.  If it looks like it's greasy, you'll need to tone down how much beard oil you're using.

Again, as mentioned in the long beard section; start at a lower quantity if you're not sure and work your way up.

To Use A Beard Oil Twice A Day Or Not?

Some men like to condition their beard with beard oil twice a day.  If you feel like your beard is dry at night you might want to consider using a beard oil in the morning and in the evening, about an hour before bed.