Men: How To Heal Cracked Fingers, Feet and Preventing Dry Skin Like This In The Future

Men: How To Heal Cracked Fingers, Feet and Preventing Dry Skin Like This In The Future

Why does skin on hands, fingers, feet crack and how do you prevent this? In this article I'm going to not only talk about the causes of dry, cracked skin that men suffer with but also how to heal cracked fingers, hands, feet and other various skin blemishes.

Is it the cold or hot weather which causes dry, cracked skin? Possibly working outdoors all day long, in rigid, rough, tough, or arid conditions.

For men who work in service industries, doctors (medical professionals) who wear powdered gloves and are constantly around anesthesia and other medical supplies, dry, cracked skin, is often a problem which you suffer from.

However, it is not only limited to the hands, and these aren’t the only reasons why dry skin, cracked, or rough skin might be visible and felt.

Chronic skin conditions are another common reason why my suffer from these issues. Psoriasis, over-use of certain skin care products, or even overly scented or medicated skin care products, can also contribute to the dry, chapped, rough, and cracking skin you want to alleviate.

So, how do you prevent these issues? What product line can you use to help reduce cracking or irritation? If you do suffer from certain skin conditions, are there any product lines, medications, or other solutions which might work to help reduce the cracking and irritation?

The answer to all of these questions is yes! There are a few solutions which men can turn to, when trying to alleviate, and eventually eliminate the dry skin condition which they suffer from.

What if it is a medical condition?

More often than not, if you suffer from psoriasis, or other skin conditions, or if you have a genetic condition or disorder, there are not many skin care product lines which are going to resolve the condition.

If this is the case, your best bet is to speak to your doctor, a dermatologist, and other experts or specialists, to find the right medication or product line which will specifically target the condition that you suffer from. With this being said, there are certain moisturizers you can use, skin care products, lotions, or even daily moisturizing, which might help alleviate the pain, irritation, and rough,skin condition you suffer from.

In choosing skin care products, it is best to consider medicated, unscented products, as they typically do not have dyes, fillers, or other byproducts.We have several products to combat this including our men's hand cream and our men's body lotion.

Regardless of the skin condition, genetic disorder, or medical condition you suffer from, your primary care doctor, a dermatologist, and possibly other skin care specialists, are your first line of defense in treating such conditions.

It is likely a chronic condition

Another common cause of dry skin on the hands, feet, nails, and fingers is known as chronic dry skin. Because your hands are often the most highly used part of the body on a daily basis, your hands are likely to be the worst area where chronic dry skin is visible and felt. Cracking, burning, and even itching might be noticeable with such conditions.

The environment you are in typically plays a major role as to how much the chronic condition is going to affect you. Rigid, cold, winter conditions, are generally the worst.

Not only do they dehydrate the skin, they cause it to become ashy and dry in such environments.

Those who work in a service industry, medical profession, or are constantly using their hands which come into contact with other people, gloves, tools, etc., will also realize the chronic condition is going to exacerbate itself.

And, those who are constantly washing their hands, are also sufferers of chronic dry skin conditions. The repeated submersion into cold/warm water, the chemicals in soaps, and other ingredients, can all lead to dry, cracking skin.

This isn’t limited to your hands however. If you wear tight shoes, are in socks all day long, or simply have your feet covered for a majority of the day and are on your feet all day, cracked skin is also visible on your feet.

Due to the fact that they can’t breathe and don’t aerate during the day, this causes the chronic condition to become more visible as time progresses and you do not treat it.

So, what’s the solution to healing cracked fingers?

We can’t prevent the fact that winter season rolls around and cold conditions are eventually going to fall upon us. Nor can we stop washing our hands after using the restroom, or wearing gloves, shoes, or other items to cover our hands and feet, in different work environments. So, the next best thing is to consider different treatment methods to deal with this dry, chronic skin condition which you suffer from. These are a few simple solutions to consider if you do suffer from chronic dry skin, and want to help alleviate the cracking, irritation, and redness which is highly visible when the skin begins to peel and crack.

  1. Protect your hands - If you are exposed to irritants on a daily basis, wear latex or rubber gloves when performing different jobs. Look for those which don’t have powders, dyes, or other added solutions, as these can further cause the dry skin to become worst. If possible, look for gloves which are lined with cotton, or some material which will help further protect the hands when working during the day.
  1. Wash wisely - Just because you run the risk of causing your hands to dry up, doesn’t mean you should stop washing your hands. On the contrary, washing your hands regularly is extremely important in the prevention of the flu, illnesses, and spreading other conditions and germs.So, what is the solution? When you do wash your hands, make sure you do so gently. Don’t choose scalding water, nor do you want to use extremely cold water, instead opt for lukewarm water when washing. This not only helps protect the natural oils in the skin, but helps avoid irritation if the water is too hot. When washing your hands, many dermatologists suggest to simply wash the palm area. Especially in men who suffer from extremely dry skin conditions, the tops (back) of the hands are typically a problem area. So, only lather the palms, wash them softly, and make sure to scrub repeatedly when washing the hands.
  1. Cleanse gently - Deodorant, antibacterial, foaming, are all words you want to stay away from when choosing moisturizing products. Not only do these tend to have heavy dyes and ingredients, but the strong scented chemicals, can further cause irritation and pain to the dry skin condition you already suffer from. The scented ingredients in such soaps will remove essential fats which are found on our hands, which are necessary to help retain the water our hands need to remain smooth, and crack free. Soapless cleanser or scentless soaps are your best bet; alcohol based products should also be avoided, as they can lead to dry, cracking skin.  Using something like our Men's Body Wash and Men's Facial Cleanser work perfectly.
  1. Moisturize: Often - Moisturizing your hands often, and using daily skin care products which are intended to help retain moisture in the hands and feet, are some of the best methods which you will find to help eliminate the dry, cracked skin condition which you suffer from.Establish a routine to moisturize each time you wash your hands, or if you feel your hands feel itchy, irritated, or dry. When choosing a moisturizer, look for those which are oil based. An ointment, followed by a cream, is a great routine as ointments tend to have more emollients which are essential to keeping the skin moist and smooth.

In selecting a moisturizer, there are certain ingredients to look for. Among these are: petroleum jelly which helps retain water in the skin (lanolin and mineral oil are also good choices). Lactic acid is another ingredient to look for as it helps soothe and relieve dry skin. Products with Vitamin B-5, Green Tea, Shea Butter and Grape seed can be very helpful for this issue.

What if these solutions don’t do the trick on healing your skin?

When all else fails, it might be time to stop in for a visit to your dermatologist, or a skin care specialist. There are certain conditions which simply won’t go away on their own.

And, there are many instances when you simply can’t pinpoint the reason why you suffer from the dry, cracked skin condition, namely if it is a medical condition. If this is the case, only a medical professional and specialist in this line of work, is going to be able to properly diagnose, and provide you with the optimal solutions to treating the problems.

The simple fact that we use our hands so often, leads to the cracking, rough, and constant peeling. The same goes with our feet, especially if we are standing all day long, or running around in tight shoes, which don’t allow them to properly breathe during the course of the day.

Regardless of which of these reasons you suffer from this chronic condition, there is a solution to the problem.

For men who are looking for the best solution in treating the condition, consider a few of these as a means to alleviating the skin condition. Not only should you see instant improvement, but you will feel and notice softer, smoother, cleaner looking skin in no time at all when you properly care for your skin. Further, you won’t feel the pain or irritation which is commonly associated with the

How to heal cracked fingers and skin?

Well, hopefully you've learned quite a bit from the above article but I will summarize it for you here.

  • Avoid extreme weather.  If you have no choice then make sure anything exposed is moisturized.  For face we offer this, for hands we offer this and for body we offer this.  These were all formulated to help combat these conditions.
  • Hydrate. It's important to drink plenty of water.
  • Avoid washing hands constantly.
  • Avoid extremely hot showers or rinses.
  • If problems continue you may need to see a specialist.
  • Put this advice to use and let us know your results when attempting to heal cracked fingers or skin.

This article should not be taken as medical advice.  This article is for informational purposes only.  If you have chronic conditions it's always best to visit your doctor first.