Citrus Cedar Bar Soap


Our Citrus Cedar Bar Soap is perfect for men.  We have the ultimate manly scent of the woodsy hints of cedarwood & patchouli combined with the citrus scents of bergamot, grapefruit, and mandarin. 

As with all our products, the scent is created with all-natural essential oils.  This soap bar features a double dose of scenting for an aromatic experience that will make shower time twice as incredible!

Size: 5 oz.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil / Canola Oil / Soybean Oil / Organic Shea Butter / Water / Sodium Hydroxide (Lye) / Olive Pomace Oil / Sunflower Oil / Orange Peel / All Natural Essential Oils

Customer Reviews

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Bill Stauffer
Great Body Bar

The fragrance of this Citrus Cedar soap is refreshing, the lather is amazing, and the feeling after a shower is clean! Thanks Artius Man, I give it a 10!

Tom L
Great Soap

This soap is really good stuff. As a guy I never thought I’d like soap this well made.

Kevin Winters
Citrus cedar soap bar

Amazing soap bars !!

Nick C
Awesome soap

I had tried the tea tree mint soap in the past but I think I like this one better. There is an initial burst of citrus followed by the scent of real cedar. Not the fake cedar scent you sometimes get with soaps and body washes. Like with all Artius Man products, a little goes a long way and these soaps last a good long time. Great lather, rinses off clean and leaves my skin feeling clean and not dried out. I have tried other natural soap bars that get very soft about halfway through using them and then break apart. Not Artius soaps.
This is a great natural soap and a tremendous value

Citrus Bar soap

I'm not a fan of bar soaps, but wow on this soap. It doesn't leave my skin feeling like shrunken leather. It's actually cleaning and I feel softer afterward. As for the scent...the patchouli stands out a lot and I love it. With sweet sides of citrus. It's a woodsy scent that fills my bathroom. Thank you Artius Man.