Artius Man Monthly Beard Club

Beard Oil Club

What Is Artius Man Beard Club?

It's simple.  This is our club for people that love our beard care products and want a no-fuss way to get their favorite beard care products delivered to their door every single month.

Inside our beard care club you'll find the following benefits.

Monthly beard club benefits

  • 5-20% Discount For Being A Member (depending on frequency).  Instead of paying the normal price for our products you'll get a discount based on which club package you join!
  • Bonus: Artius Man Deck of Playing Cards.  We created this product just for the Artius man Beard Club Members!  Instead of paying $8.95/deck - you get these free!
  • Auto Shipments! Get top-notch beard care delivered to your door monthly automatically.  You no longer need to keep stopping by to shop, auto-schedule your shipments with ease!
  • Never Run Out! Because we ship your order at the same time every single month you'll never run out again.
  • FREE STUFF! Test New Upcoming Scents!  In your automatic shipments, we're going to include any new scent samples we have coming up!  This allows you to be first in line to try our new stuff without spending any extra!  This won't happen every month but it happens very often as we're constantly looking to create new scents.
  • Private Facebook Group (ask questions, chat with other like-minded bearded men). Plus you can vote on new releases here with us.  Come hang out with us and be part of the Artius Man Beard Club's private group.
  • Vote On New Releases! We value your input so we're going to ask you what you'd like to see us make.  This means you can even suggest new scents anytime!  Plus, after we poll all of our members, winning scents will get created by us, which means you get a free sample in your order.
  • Exclusive Members-Only Deals & Discounts: This includes huge deals on beard oils, balms, beard shampoos, apparel and more!


Wait!  Before you select the club you want to let me tell you about the difference between our Regular Beard Care Scents (on the left) and the Premium Beard Care Scents (on the right).

The premium scents are scents that are a little more expensive.  These include Classic Gentleman Sandalwood, IPA, and The Wise Men!  The scents cost us quite a bit more to make so they are slightly more expensive to purchase.  The scents on the left (our normal scents) aren't quite as expensive to make so they save you some extra money!

Both are equally awesome and it simply comes down to scent preference!

Club 1: Just Beard Oil


Club 1: Just Beard Oil (Premium Scent)


Premium Club 1
Includes: 1 Beard Oil - JOIN
Includes: 1 Beard Oil - JOIN
Club 2: Oil & Balm Club 2: Just Oil & Balm (Premium Scents)
Premium Club 2
Includes: 1 Oil & 1 Balm - JOIN Includes: 1 Oil & 1 Balm - JOIN
Club 3: Oil, Balm & Wax Club 3: Oil, Balm & Wax (Premium Scents)
Premium Club 3
Includes: 1 Oil, 1 Balm & 1 Wax - JOIN
Includes: 1 Oil, 1 Balm & 1 Wax - JOIN
Club 4: Oil, Balm, Wax & Wash Club 4: Oil, Balm, Wax &Wash (Premium Scent)
Premium Club 4

Includes: 1 Oil, 1 Balm, 1 Wax & 1 Wash - JOIN

Includes: 1 Oil, 1 Balm, 1 Wax & 1 Wash - JOIN

Club 5: Just Balm
Includes 1 Balm: All Scents Available JOIN

What Do The Playing Cards Look Like?

The Artius man playing cards will be shipped out with your very first shipment!  These cards feature a sleek look and beautifully display the denominations.


When Will I Get Invited To The Private Facebook Group?

You will get an email from Artius man usually the next day inviting you to join the private Facebook group.  It takes a day because we manually verify that you've joined.

What Can I Do In The Facebook Group?

Well, several things actually.  We will put out polls from time to time asking what upcoming scents you'd like us to make.  We'll also allow you to vote on any samples we send out with your monthly subscription.  You can ask for beard advice or help from the group and you will get to meet other wonderfully bearded men that share common interests.

You also get direct access to us there.  If you have a question/need we're right there to help you at any time.  Our Beard Club members will also get special discounts shared in the Facebook group from time to time.

Can I Add Additional Things To My Shopping Cart?

Yes!  You can also modify your account monthly and add 1-time items to your upcoming shipments within your account.  

Can I Cancel At Any Time?

Yes! If you ever need to cancel your account you can do that yourself from within your account or send us a message here and we'll do it for you!

Enjoy the club!

Michael & Jeff @ Artius Man