Daily Defense Face Moisturizer - Tea Tree Mint


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Daily Life Wages War On Your Face….

Moisturize and protect your face with Artius Mans Daily Defense Face Moisturizer for men.

Your face is the first thing people see.  It should look fresh and hydrated at all cost.  However, the daily grind of life tends to wear on our faces turning our bright glow into nothing more than a dull, flat, worn-out glimmer of what it once was.

That’s where Artius Man's Daily Defense Moisturizer For Men comes into play.

Made with natural and organic ingredients our non-greasy face cream, age defying men’s facial moisturizer actively hydrates and softens even the roughest skin for your best look.

Our facial moisturizer helps battle against free radicals and environmental toxins as it’s infused with Goji berries, watermelon, gooseberries, and acai.  Plus, this product helps fight against fine lines and wrinkles as it’s also combined with the power of shea butter and pomegranate sterols.

For the best results use this with our daily face wash morning and night.

You only need about a dime size dab of this powerful skin hydration per application so just a little bit will last you a long time.

You'd protect your head with a helmet right?  When you’re doing battle with the daily elements you protect your face with Artius Man’s Daily Defense Face Moisturizer for men.

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