IPA Beard Oil Sample


We took 100% pure Hungarian hops essential oil and blended it with our premium beard oil to create this gem we call IPA!

Not only does is smell amazing, but hops oil is actually great for the skin and hair as it helps improve sheen and strength. The aroma has a relaxing and calming effect and can even ease tension headaches. Grab some IPA today and prepare to enter Hop Heaven! 

5ml Sample

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Reuben K
Citrus hop bite.

To me, this oil has the spicy hoppy notes of an IPA without smelling like a beer in any way. Not sure how to put it best into words, but it is if you imagine the bite of a hop diluted into an oil. I don't see this being for everyone, but I enjoy it every so often.

Scott Braden
IPA oil review

Although the carrier blend in this oil is great and it as my favorite. This scent just isn't for me.

Joshua Walker

Average oil scent. Isn't very durable. Doesn't last long.

Joshuah Jones
Smells so good

This one smells amazing, makes me want a beer, but I also get compliments on it. Wish the scent would last longer though. But it does make my beard feel hydrated and my skin nice and fresh.

Carlos L.
Good product, but I can improve

I experienced a good feeling of hydration in my beard, what I don't like is that the scent doesn't last long, it quickly gets lost and after a few hours it doesn't feel on my beard anymore. I like the sample because of its 5ml size, I can carry it in my bag, I would have liked the aromas to be more intense. When applied to the hands and then placed on the beard, it distributes very well, leaving my beard hydrated and shiny. I do recommend it but I would like it to improve the intensity of the aroma.