Therapeutic Body Bar - Patchouli


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A Manly Scent With Amazing Skin Benefits….

Our Patchouli Soap will make your skin look great and feel great!

Patchouli has been shown to help reduce cracked, dry skin, relieve itchiness and sooth irritated skin while being a natural deodorizer. 

The scent of patchouli is a masculine scent so you’ll never worry about smelling girly; you’ll smell awesome. 

Additionally Patchouli helps tighten the skin while reducing unwanted oily skin bringing balance to your look. 

Patchouli has also been shown to help reduce eczema, sunburn, jock itch and fungus such as athletes foot.

As you can see with benefits like this Artius Man’s patchouli soap is one of the best soaps for men that you can get.

We love patchouli so much it only made sense to make great patchouli soap.

Now you can get it for yourself.  Simply add a brick to your cart and get ready to enjoy one of the best soaps you’ve experienced

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