Beard Brush vs Comb - Which One Should You Use?

Beard Brush vs Comb - Which One Should You Use?

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We're going to look at frequent beard care question: Which is best, a beard brush vs comb? We're going to break down how both of these tools are used, how they are different, how they are similar, and when to use either. Let's get into it!

What Is The Difference Between A Beard Brush And A Beard Comb?

A beard brush and beard comb are two tools that help you style your beard. A beard comb comes with thin teeth and is used to get rid of any tangles or mats, while a beard brush is used for styling purposes and helps distribute the natural oils found in and on your skin evenly throughout.

A beard comb removes tangles by combing through your beard when it's dry or damp. Though you can certainly use it on a dry beard. While a beard brush can be used the same way, some men use a beard brush strictly on a completely dry beard.

What Are The Similarities In Our Beard Brush vs Comb Debate?

  • Both types of tools are designed to be used on dry or damp hair
  • Both provide a styled look if used properly
  • Both groom your beard and mustache
  • Both spread your natural skin oils through the beard
  • Both remove tangles and help straighten the whiskers

How To Choose The Best Beard Tool For You?

Well, it starts with what your goals are. I.e., is your beard long? Is your beard curly? Is your beard long and curly? Is your beard short? Is your beard thin? Depending on these factors, the next sections will walk you through when to use a beard brush and when to use a beard comb, so you get the best results.

When Should You Use A Beard Comb?

A comb works best on shorter beards that are less than 6 inches long. While it will work just fine on longer beards, you'll find that the comb's teeth could get tangled in your whiskers. This is especially true in beards that are not only long but thicker and curlier. If your beard is long, thick, and curly, you can still use a comb on your beard, but you need to be gentle as you comb so you can detangle the beard but not snag the hairs. While it's easy to run a comb through a thin beard, a comb doesn't do anything to help with the beard volume or style. Browse Our Beard Combs Here.

When Should You Use A Beard Brush?

If your beard is longer than 6 inches, you should consider switching to a brush. Switching to a brush will mean fewer snags, tears, and broken beard hairs. A beard brush can also be used on shorter beards, but the brush simply works best on the long beard. A beard brush can help inject some volume and style for your beard if you have a thinner beard. A beard brush is more versatile than a comb since it can easily be used on any sized beard. Check Out Our Beard Brush Here.

Why It Helps To Brush Or Comb Your Beard Daily

Your beard care routine should focus on brushing or combing your beard daily. Brushing or combing helps to distribute natural oils and stimulates facial hairs for growth. You only need a few minutes of combing or brushing per day, but those few minutes will make a huge difference.

Plus, if you're using beard oil, balm, or beard butter (and you better be), then a comb or brush will help you spread these products through your beard easier as well.

Your Preference Reigns Supreme

Ultimately the above is just a guide for using a beard brush or comb based on how our customers use them and what they like. As always, your preference reigns supreme. Some guys like the way their beard styles using a brush; others prefer the way it looks using a comb; end of discussion. So if you find you'd rather use one over the other - go for it; it's your beard!

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