Beard Oil Affiliate Program (With Lifetime Commissions!)

About Our Affiliate Program: A.K.A. Ambassador Program

If you want to earn money by promoting our beard oils and other beard products, you need to be part of our beard oil affiliate program. You can earn 10% per sale on most Artius Man products when you drive sales to us. Sign Up Here.

You can add your affiliate referral link to your Instagram Profile or any other social media accounts and earn.

Other benefits of our beard oil affiliate program:

  • Recurring commission: Everyone you refer gets tracked via I.P. and Cookie, so if they go back to make a recurring purchase, you'll earn commissions on those sales as well! Please note that we cannot pay out commissions on Beard Club memberships or free sample orders. Everything else in the store results in a commission!
  • 30 Day Payout: We payout sales in the first week of every month.
  • Extremely Low Refund Rates: We currently have less than a 1% refund rate! This means once you make a sale with us, there is nothing to worry about.
  • Actively Growing: We have big plans for our product line. So we're actively growing and working on new products every day.
  • Easily Accessible: Have a question? You can get a hold of us, and we'll get back to you FAST.

Join Now: It's Free.

So what makes our beard care affiliate program so unique? Well, as we noted above, we have several benefits that could be potentially huge for you. I want to touch on the most significant use below!

Recurring Commission Structure:

Most of the affiliate/ambassador programs out there don't care about you. Nope. They typically get the sale from you and then cast you off.

We're different here. 

When you send a customer our way, that customer gets tagged to you. We track them via I.P. and Cookie. Our cookie duration is set for 50 years! This means that every customer you send us is yours virtually for life. 

Every time a customer you send us makes a purchase, you get your commission!! So if someone you send visits the site today but doesn't buy until next year, you get the commission.

Or if a customer visits through you and ends up making 37 additional purchases over three years, you get the commission!

We want to make you a bunch of money.

So as you can see, this program is so much better than those big retailers out there that give you a small commission upfront, but then you collect nothing else in the future!  Start making extra cash on all of our beard care products and more today!

Enjoy the beard care affiliate program and start earning with us, my friends!

Michael & Jeff @ Artius Man