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If you're looking for wholesale beard oil by a well-respected brand, then look no further. At Artius Man, we take our quality and our products seriously, and we're always at work creating new things that your customers will love!

Looking for numerous scents that your audience will love? Well, we currently have 20 different beard oils to choose from! We offer all 20 scents in several other products as well. Get started with our exclusive offers below.

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I know you're eager to sign up, but here are some other essential facts about how we make our products! Our haircare, skincare, beard oils, beard balms, beard waxes, beard shampoos, beard conditioners, and beard butters are made in the USA and only scented with 100% therapeutic grade essential oils! 

An Unmatched Style

We work hard on our packaging to match the effort and energy we put into every single bottle of every product we create!

Every single year, we also have limited and new releases that tackle everything from a man's facial hair to new skin and body care products.

Let's Work Together Now!

Our Terms

Currently, through Faire, we're giving $100 off on your first order, free returns, net 60 payment terms, free shipping for an entire year, and we currently have no minimums for you to buy to get started! We think you're going to love our beard and men's skincare products.

We're Also Easy To Contact

If you have any questions about our wholesale beard oil or wholesale beard care simply contact Michael at michael [AT]  artiusman.com 

Make sure to of course replace the [AT] with the  @ symbol!

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