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Our body care products for men are blended with simplicity in mind.  We use series of natural and organic ingredients in our men's body care products and we back them all with our exclusive handshake agreement which is our money back guarantee. Made In The USA!
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Total Body Care - Tea Tree Mint - Artius Man
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tea tree mint body wash for men
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Exfoliating Scrub - Tea Tree Mint - Artius Man
tea tree mint body lotion for men
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Total Body Care - Citrus Cedar - Artius Man
Power Body Wash - Citrus Cedar - Artius Man
Exfoliating Scrub - Citrus Cedar - Artius Man
Soothing Body Lotion - Citrus Cedar - Artius Man
Intense Therapeutic Hand Cream For Men - Artius Man
Tea Tree Mint - Skin & Body Care Sampler / Travel Kit - Artius Man
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