Beard Gift Ideas Any Bearded Man Would Love

Beard Gift Ideas Any Bearded Man Would Love

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As the holidays approach, it's time to look at excellent beard gift ideas for men!  We have 3 killer ideas for that special bearded guy in your life.  These gifts are all customizable, so they will suit any man with a beard!

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The Best Beard Kit

First up, let's talk about our awesome Do It Yourself Beard Kit that we call "The Best Beard Kit!"  This kit is incredible because the way we have it structured allows you to select any of our beard products and get a discount simultaneously!  Add 4 items, and you save 10%; add 6 items or more, and you'll save 15% on your order!  You'll be able to select from any of our beard oils, beard balms, beard butters, beard shampoos, beard conditioners, beard waxes, beard combs, or brushes to build the exact kit you want!

beard gift ideas

Beard Sampler Oil Sample Pack

Not sure what to get that bearded guy?  How about a beard oil sample pack?  We have a 5 pack, 10 pack, and even a 20 pack of samples!  The 20 pack lets a bearded man try every single scent we offer.  This is a great gift item, but it's also an excellent item for the discerning man that just doesn't know what scents he loves yet.  Even the 5 pack will offer him a way to find a smell he worships at an affordable price!

Beard Club

The Artius Man Beard Club is another excellent way to give a bearded guy precisely what he wants.  If you know what scents he likes, you can get him a month's or a year's worth of beard supplies delivered to his doorstep with ease.  You'll be able to select his favorite products and scents this way without him needing to worry about the bill as you'll handle this!  This is an excellent gift for a bearded man and takes the burden and stress off of his shoulders.

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