Best Smelling Beard Balm According To Our Audience!

Best Smelling Beard Balm According To Our Audience!

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Today, according to you, our bearded audience, we're going to tackle the best smelling beard balm scent.  This is a pretty tall order as we have 20 different scents to choose from!  So what we've done is broken this down into our top selling and top reviewed beard balms to find our proper number 1 beard balm scent.

We will count this list down by focusing on our top 3 and sharing them in reverse order.

#3: Bay Rum Beard Balm

This scent is surprisingly incredible.  I say "surprisingly" because this isn't the classic Hawaiian variety that many modern men are used to.  That particular variety smells more tropical rather than the way our Bay Rum scent smells.  Ours is more of a classic Bay Rum that features spice and hints of Bay Leaf for a more robust, spicier kick.  Many men have been pleasantly surprised after testing this blend out, and that is why it has become our number three best-selling beard balm.  You can grab a can here.

#2: Citrus Fire Beard Balm

This particular beard balm comes in at the number two slot for a good reason.  It smells great, and it's an entirely unique take on how citrus and spice beard balm scent.  Instead of the usual spicy scent, you expect in an average citrus spice beard balm, this has more of a cool, mellow undertone.  It's rather hard to explain, but the way we've always tried to explain it is that it emphasizes the citrus rather than the spicier notes.  The end result is that it has a unique smell to it, which is very good.  Check it out here.  A fun fact about this scent is that when we originally formulated our beard care line, this was the very first scent we created after getting our base formula perfected.  Sometimes you get things right on the first try!

#1: Mountain Air Beard Balm

This is such a great scent that I am happy it landed as the number one product on this list.  Honestly, when I started thinking about the best smelling beard balm we make, this one immediately came to mind because it's my personal favorite scent. This scent has notes of spearmint, pine, pleasant woods, and a touch of patchouli. Some men who do not like patchouli have been shocked at how much they love Mountain Air after trying.  That's because the scent is so good that the touch of patchouli actually makes it even better.  When we initially created this scent and were thinking of names, we kept thinking mountains because it just had a crisp, clean scent that reminded us of the mountain air, and thus the name was born.  Check out this killer scent here.

This was a fun post to write because we have such a good time making our scents and working on the business that we often forget all the fun we have when we're in development.  It's also exciting for us to see what you, as our customer, like the most.  We appreciate each of you and thank you so much for taking the time to read this today.

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