Getting The Most Out Of Your Artius Man Wood Wick Candle

Getting The Most Out Of Your Artius Man Wood Wick Candle

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In this article we’re discussing tips to get the most longevity out of your candles! 

First, wood wick candles are fantastic because they give off a nice crackle as they burn.  This process not only looks great, it sounds great and creates a unique atmosphere wherever you’re burning one. 

The Correct Way To Light A Wood Wick Candle

Now let’s cover the vital step of  lighting your candle correctly.  To do this simply tilt the candle to the side and light one corner of the wood wick.  Next, slowly tilt the candle back down to center resting on it’s base.  

You should have a nice, even flame across the wick of the candle.  The wood wick will begin to crackle and then you’ll know you’ve correctly lite the candle.

How Long Should You Let Your Wood Wick Candle Burn The First Time?

The first time you use your candle you should let it burn for at least 2-3 hours.  We do not recommend lighting it if you’re pressed for time and cannot let it burn for the aforementioned time.

If you cannot let it burn for 2-3 hours you run the risk of the candle “tunneling” on your next lighting.  Tunneling is the term used when the candle melts near the center of the candle rather than evenly melting.  This can cause the candle to be hard to light or stay lit later on. 

Letting the candle burn for 2 – 3 hours the first time will create a nice even pool of wax and this will help the candle burn correctly in the future.

What To Do On The 2nd Lighting Of Your Wood Wick Candle

Simply light the candle as normal.  If you’re followed the above directions the candle should light with ease.  However, if it doesn’t easily light try trimming the candle wick down to about 1/4-1/8 of an inch.  In the process make sure to remove any burnt portions of the candle wick. We recommend using a pair of wire cutters or heavy scissors to cut the wick down.  Make sure to cut the wick as evenly and horizontally as possible.

This should now allow you to easily light the candle. 

What To Do If You Can Light Your Candle But It Won’t Stay Lit

Sometimes the candle will develop a small overflow of wax around the center base of the wick.  As the candle melts the flame will burn down too quickly and touch the melted wax causing the flame to extinguish.  Again, this issue is typically prevented by simply letting the candle burn for 2-3 hours the very first time it is used.

However, if this happens you can easily simply remove some of the warm wax from the base of the candle by using a paper towel or napkin to wipe up some of the excess wax.  This should solve the problem.

If you follow the tips above your candle should work perfectly and have a long life! If you have any other issues with your candle or need help just contact us and let us know the issue you're having and we’ll get back to you!  If you want to shop our wood wick candles you can do so here.

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