Men: How To Heal Cracked Fingers, Feet and Preventing Dry Skin Like This In The Future

Men: How To Heal Cracked Fingers, Feet and Preventing Dry Skin Like This In The Future

Why does skin on hands, fingers, feet crack and how do you prevent this? In this article I'm going to not only talk about the causes of dry, cracked skin that men suffer with but also how to heal cracked fingers, hands, feet and other various skin blemishes.

Is it the cold or hot weather which causes dry, cracked skin? Possibly working outdoors all day long, in rigid, rough, tough, or arid conditions.

For men who work in service industries, doctors (medical professionals) who wear powdered gloves and are constantly around anesthesia and other medical supplies, dry, cracked skin, is often a problem which you suffer from.

However, it is not only limited to the hands, and these aren’t the only reasons why dry skin, cracked, or rough skin might be visible and felt.

Chronic skin conditions are another common reason why my suffer from these issues. Psoriasis, over-use of certain skin care products, or even overly scented or medicated skin care products, can also contribute to the dry, chapped, rough, and cracking skin you want to alleviate.

So, how do you prevent these issues? What product line can you use to help reduce cracking or irritation? If you do suffer from certain skin conditions, are there any product lines, medications, or other solutions which might work to help reduce the cracking and irritation?

The answer to all of these questions is yes! There are a few solutions which men can turn to, when trying to alleviate, and eventually eliminate the dry skin condition which they suffer from.

What if it is a medical condition?

More often than not, if you suffer from psoriasis, or other skin conditions, or if you have a genetic condition or disorder, there are not many skin care product lines which are going to resolve the condition.

If this is the case, your best bet is to speak to your doctor, a dermatologist, and other experts or specialists, to find the right medication or product line which will specifically target the condition that you suffer from. With this being said, there are certain moisturizers you can use, skin care products, lotions, or even daily moisturizing, which might help alleviate the pain, irritation, and rough,skin condition you suffer from.

In choosing skin care products, it is best to consider medicated, unscented products, as they typically do not have dyes, fillers, or other byproducts.We have several products to combat this including our men's hand cream and our men's body lotion.

Regardless of the skin condition, genetic disorder, or medical condition you suffer from, your primary care doctor, a dermatologist, and possibly other skin care specialists, are your first line of defense in treating such conditions.

It is likely a chronic condition

Another common cause of dry skin on the hands, feet, nails, and fingers is known as chronic dry skin. Because your hands are often the most highly used part of the body on a daily basis, your hands are likely to be the worst area where chronic dry skin is visible and felt. Cracking, burning, and even itching might be noticeable with such conditions.

The environment you are in typically plays a major role as to how much the chronic condition is going to affect you. Rigid, cold, winter conditions, are generally the worst.

Not only do they dehydrate the skin, they cause it to become ashy and dry in such environments.

Those who work in a service industry, medical profession, or are constantly using their hands which come into contact with other people, gloves, tools, etc., will also realize the chronic condition is going to exacerbate itself.

And, those who are constantly washing their hands, are also sufferers of chronic dry skin conditions. The repeated submersion into cold/warm water, the chemicals in soaps, and other ingredients, can all lead to dry, cracking skin.

This isn’t limited to your hands however. If you wear tight shoes, are in socks all day long, or simply have your feet covered for a majority of the day and are on your feet all day, cracked skin is also visible on your feet.

Due to the fact that they can’t breathe and don’t aerate during the day, this causes the chronic condition to become more visible as time progresses and you do not treat it.

So, what’s the solution to healing cracked fingers?

We can’t prevent the fact that winter season rolls around and cold conditions are eventually going to fall upon us. Nor can we stop washing our hands after using the restroom, or wearing gloves, shoes, or other items to cover our hands and feet, in different work environments. So, the next best thing is to consider different treatment methods to deal with this dry, chronic skin condition which you suffer from. These are a few simple solutions to consider if you do suffer from chronic dry skin, and want to help alleviate the cracking, irritation, and redness which is highly visible when the skin begins to peel and crack.

  1. Protect your hands - If you are exposed to irritants on a daily basis, wear latex or rubber gloves when performing different jobs. Look for those which don’t have powders, dyes, or other added solutions, as these can further cause the dry skin to become worst. If possible, look for gloves which are lined with cotton, or some material which will help further protect the hands when working during the day.
  1. Wash wisely - Just because you run the risk of causing your hands to dry up, doesn’t mean you should stop washing your hands. On the contrary, washing your hands regularly is extremely important in the prevention of the flu, illnesses, and spreading other conditions and germs.So, what is the solution? When you do wash your hands, make sure you do so gently. Don’t choose scalding water, nor do you want to use extremely cold water, instead opt for lukewarm water when washing. This not only helps protect the natural oils in the skin, but helps avoid irritation if the water is too hot. When washing your hands, many dermatologists suggest to simply wash the palm area. Especially in men who suffer from extremely dry skin conditions, the tops (back) of the hands are typically a problem area. So, only lather the palms, wash them softly, and make sure to scrub repeatedly when washing the hands.
  1. Cleanse gently - Deodorant, antibacterial, foaming, are all words you want to stay away from when choosing moisturizing products. Not only do these tend to have heavy dyes and ingredients, but the strong scented chemicals, can further cause irritation and pain to the dry skin condition you already suffer from. The scented ingredients in such soaps will remove essential fats which are found on our hands, which are necessary to help retain the water our hands need to remain smooth, and crack free. Soapless cleanser or scentless soaps are your best bet; alcohol based products should also be avoided, as they can lead to dry, cracking skin.  Using something like our Men's Body Wash and Men's Facial Cleanser work perfectly.
  1. Moisturize: Often - Moisturizing your hands often, and using daily skin care products which are intended to help retain moisture in the hands and feet, are some of the best methods which you will find to help eliminate the dry, cracked skin condition which you suffer from.Establish a routine to moisturize each time you wash your hands, or if you feel your hands feel itchy, irritated, or dry. When choosing a moisturizer, look for those which are oil based. An ointment, followed by a cream, is a great routine as ointments tend to have more emollients which are essential to keeping the skin moist and smooth.

In selecting a moisturizer, there are certain ingredients to look for. Among these are: petroleum jelly which helps retain water in the skin (lanolin and mineral oil are also good choices). Lactic acid is another ingredient to look for as it helps soothe and relieve dry skin. Products with Vitamin B-5, Green Tea, Shea Butter and Grape seed can be very helpful for this issue.

What if these solutions don’t do the trick on healing your skin?

When all else fails, it might be time to stop in for a visit to your dermatologist, or a skin care specialist. There are certain conditions which simply won’t go away on their own.

And, there are many instances when you simply can’t pinpoint the reason why you suffer from the dry, cracked skin condition, namely if it is a medical condition. If this is the case, only a medical professional and specialist in this line of work, is going to be able to properly diagnose, and provide you with the optimal solutions to treating the problems.

The simple fact that we use our hands so often, leads to the cracking, rough, and constant peeling. The same goes with our feet, especially if we are standing all day long, or running around in tight shoes, which don’t allow them to properly breathe during the course of the day.

Regardless of which of these reasons you suffer from this chronic condition, there is a solution to the problem.

For men who are looking for the best solution in treating the condition, consider a few of these as a means to alleviating the skin condition. Not only should you see instant improvement, but you will feel and notice softer, smoother, cleaner looking skin in no time at all when you properly care for your skin. Further, you won’t feel the pain or irritation which is commonly associated with the

How to heal cracked fingers and skin?

Well, hopefully you've learned quite a bit from the above article but I will summarize it for you here.

  • Avoid extreme weather.  If you have no choice then make sure anything exposed is moisturized.  For face we offer this, for hands we offer this and for body we offer this.  These were all formulated to help combat these conditions.
  • Hydrate. It's important to drink plenty of water.
  • Avoid washing hands constantly.
  • Avoid extremely hot showers or rinses.
  • If problems continue you may need to see a specialist.
  • Put this advice to use and let us know your results when attempting to heal cracked fingers or skin.

This article should not be taken as medical advice.  This article is for informational purposes only.  If you have chronic conditions it's always best to visit your doctor first.

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Men's Face Care Routine Made Simple With Step By Step Pictures

Men's Face Care Routine Made Simple With Step By Step Pictures

There's no such thing as a simple task, and nothing embodies this idea more than the process of washing your face and coming up with a daily men's face care routine.

Sure, it sounds easy enough (wet your face, add soap, and rinse) but believe it or not there is a right and a wrong way to do it; and today, we're going to learn the right way to do it.

But before you bust out that bar soap (by the way NEVER use bar soap on your face!) and warm water, there are just three things that you'll need for a men's face care routine: an exfoliator, a facial cleanser, and face lotion. Not sure what most of these things are?

Here's a brief explanation.

An exfoliator is something that helps remove dirt and dead skin using abrasive materials.A better way to think of it is that it's like sand paper for your face, minus the paper.  Exfoliation is occasionally vital for a proper daily men's face care routine.  You can make some at home using coffee grounds and sugar, but if you want the good stuff you'll want to grab a bottle of Artius Man Exfoliating Scrub

Made with crushed almonds, aloe vera, and a bunch of other natural ingredients; there's no better way to gently, but, effectively scrape the crud off your face than with our exfoliator.

Now a facial cleanser is a much easier thing to figure out. Simply put, a facial cleanser is essentially soap designed for your face. It may be tempting to go for that bar of Irish Spring to get the job done, but trust me when I say you don't want to do that.

The skin on your face is far more sensitive than the rest of your body, which means the common bar soap is more likely to dry out your face than actually clean it.

The best kinds of facial cleansers will contain ingredients such as vitamin E, lavender, etc...

And finally, face lotion is... well it's lotion. No deep explanation needed here. However, word to the wise: avoid most scented lotions as they contain alcohol; which dries out skin. If you want to take out the guess work, go ahead and buy yourself a bottle of the soothing daily-defense moisturizing lotion and save yourself time.  Plus we put only the good stuff in this!

Now that know what we need, let's talk about washing your face.  Check out the step-by-step guide for how to wash your face for men - the proper way.

Step 1: Wet Your Face With Warm Water

Before you do anything, be sure to get your face damp with some warm water; with a huge emphasis on the warm part.

If your water is too hot or cold, you'll end up damaging your skin. You can wet your face by splashing yourself with some water or you can simply use a wet cloth, the choice is yours.

Wetting your face will make it easier for the cleanser to do its job.  You're going to typically do this in your sink but for the tutorial, William is using a bowl of warm water.

mens face washing tutorial

Step 2: Apply The Facial Cleanser

Using a dime-sized amount of cleanser, gently massage the cleanser into your facing using circular motions. Do this for approximately 30 seconds, making sure to get every inch of your face. Again, don't use hand soap for this or you'll dry your face out.

Mens Facial Cleanser Demo

Applying Face Cleanser

    Step 3 Exfoliate (1-2 Times Per Week)

    Like the facial cleanser, pour a little of your exfoliator into your hands and gently begin massaging it into your skin using circular motions. Be sure to pay attention to the parts of your face that are particularly dry and oily.

    Note: While you should wash and cleanse your face every day (morning and night), you do not need to exfoliate every day. Once or twice a week should do the trick.  So skip this step most of the week.

    Exfoliate Face

    Guide To Washing Your Face For Men

    Step 4: Rinse & Dry

    Once again using warm water, rinse your face until all traces of your cleanser and exfoliator are washed off of your faces. Using a dry towel, gently pat your face dry. Do not rub your face as this will irritate your skin and undo some of the work you just did.  Most men when they are first learning a proper men's face care routine tend to scrub their face too hard.  Gently patting will ensure that you safely dry your skin without damaging it.

    Rinse Your Face

    Dry Your Face

    Step 5: Moisturize

    Now that your face is free of dirt and oils, it's time to replace some of that lost moisture. Using a dime-sized amount of lotion, gently massage the product into your face. Be careful not to use too much or you'll run the risk of just making your face even greasier.

    Note: Moisturizing is CRITICAL.  This is something that many men forget or simply do not do after washing their face.  This will help keep your skin fresh and young as you age.  Do it!  The moisturizer also helps give your skin a healthy glow, especially in extreme weather elements!

    Moisturizing Your Face

    Once you've applied your lotion, congratulations! You're done!

    Washing your face may not be as easy as splashing water on your face and calling it a day but neither is it rocket science. As long as you have the right stuff paired with the right knowledge, taking care of yourself can be a breeze.

    So let's recap these steps one last time. 

    • Step 1: Wet & Rinse Face With Warm Water
    • Step 2: Cleanse Your Face With A Great Cleanser For Men
    • Step 3: Exfoliate 1-2 Times Per Week
    • Step 4: Rinse & Dry
    • Step 5: Apply Moisturizer

    Now you know how to a manly routine that will wash, cleanse and protect your face and have you looking sharp!

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    How Much Beard Oil Should To Use Based On Length

    How Much Beard Oil Should To Use Based On Length

    So if you're thinking about buying beard oil or you already own some, you might be thinking about how much beard oil to use on your particular beard.

    Well, as you guessed, how much you use depends on the length of your beard.  So below let's look at some various beard types and then we'll show you about how much beard oil to use per style.

    Let's browse 3 styles.

    Style 1: Short Beard

    short beard

    Amount To Use: A short beard, even if it grows in thick should only need about the size of a dime of beard oil.  If you go much over this you'll likely to make your beard feel greasy.

    Style 2: Medium Beard

    medium length beard

    Amount To Use: For a medium beard, you'll want to use about the size of a nickel.

    Style 3: Long Beard

    Long Beard

    Amount To Use: For the long lumberjack style beard, you'll want about the size of a quarter.  Keep in mind that if you go beyond this you'll need to test and see what feels right.  

    You can always start with a less amount of beard oil and work your way up but you can't work your way down.  So if you have a long thick beard start with a nickel and add to it if that doesn't do the trick.

    How do you know if you've applied enough?  You'll be able to tell.  The skin beneath the beard should feel moisturized but not overly oily f you're using the correct amount.

    Testing is the best way to find out how much beard oil to use going forward.  The above is just a basic guide to help you learn how much you should put into your beard but testing will help you perfect it.  

    Some men have naturally thicker beards than other so again, test, test, test!  Your beard should never feel greasy/oily and it should also never look greasy/oily as well.  If it looks like it's greasy, you'll need to tone down how much beard oil you're using.

    Again, as mentioned in the long beard section; start at a lower quantity if you're not sure and work your way up.

    To Use A Beard Oil Twice A Day Or Not?

    Some men like to condition their beard with beard oil twice a day.  If you feel like your beard is dry at night you might want to consider using a beard oil in the morning and in the evening, about an hour before bed.

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    7 Things Every Man Should Look for When Choosing a Beard Shampoo

    7 Things Every Man Should Look for When Choosing a Beard Shampoo

    7 Things Every Man Should Look for When Choosing a Beard Shampoo

    Choosing the right beard shampoo is essential for your beard's health. Here's what to look for when making such an important choice.

    It's official, science has proven that a beard will make you more attractive. But it isn't enough to just grow your facial hair out.

    You have to maintain it, work on it, take care of it. That way your beard looks great and is soft and touchable for your significant other.

    The first step in maintaining your beard is to use beard shampoo. This will help clean your beard but not strip away the essential natural oils.

    Let us help you get your beard routine started off right with a quality beard shampoo.

    Shampoo over Soap?

    Regular soap is meant to be used on your body, not on your beard. Because of this, regular soap will dry out your beard.

    This is because it will harshly strip away the natural oils from your skin.

    What About Regular Shampoo?

    People will try to tell you that regular shampoo and beard shampoo are the same things. Maybe you believe this fallacy yourself.

    Well, it's time to stop.

    Beard hair and hair growing on your head are two different types of hair. The hair on your head is thinner and finer. It is also less exposed to daily abuse.

    The hair on your face is subject to shaving, you touching it, and you eating. Your beard hair is also prone to split ends which will only make your beard feel rougher.

    How Often Do You Shampoo?

    It doesn't matter if you have stubble length or an impressively long beard, if you have facial hair you should be using beard shampoo. Once you start, you should aim for washing your beard about every other day.

    This should equal out to washing your beard 3 to 4 times a week. Washing your beard daily will most likely be too much.

    Washing this often will strip your beard of natural oils. You want these oils because they help keep your beard hydrated, healthy, and soft.

    1. Pay Attention to the Labels

    Before you decide on a beard shampoo, look at the ingredients in it. You want to find one that is paraben free.

    Parabens are preservatives that are often put into beauty products. They absorb into your skin and disrupt hormone function and may cause cancer.

    You should also look for the company to state that they don't test on animals. You don't need animals harmed just for your beard shampoo.

    Pay attention to how the scent is added to the shampoo. For example, are they using synthetic chemicals or all natural oils?

    2. Price Isn't Everything

    Don't judge a beard shampoo solely on the price. Just because it is expensive doesn't automatically mean it is the best. It also doesn't mean that it isn't worth the money. 

    The best thing to do is look at the ingredients and what other users say about the shampoo. You'll know right away if the shampoo is worth the cost. 

    Conversely, don't assume that because a shampoo is lower priced that it isn't good. You can often find a quality product at a reasonable price because they don't have over the top marketing to pay for.

    3. Consistency and Performance

    As a general rule, thicker shampoos tend to be better than thinner ones. You'll find that a thicker shampoo is easier to apply and work a lather out of.

    Don't judge the quality of the shampoo on the lather. Instead, look and feel your beard after some time of consistent use. This will give you the best indication of its effectiveness.

    Before you buy a shampoo, look at the reviews from others. Try to find reviewers who have a similar beard and skin situation as you. This will give you a more accurate idea of how it will perform on your beard.

    4. The Scent

    You want to look for a scent that you enjoy. Remember that your beard is right under your nose, so you're probably going to get a full whiff of it.

    You could go for a light and fruity scents like citrus fire, orange grove, or sandalwood. Maybe you are the type to prefer a more woodsy smell like campfire or mountain air. There are also more unconventional options such as black coffee, IPA, or bay rum.

    If you are the type that doesn't want any scent then look for one that doesn't have a smell.

    5. The Dandruff Issue

    Dandruff isn't just a problem on your head. It can also plague your beard. The worst part is, you can't really hide it on your face like you can on your head.

    You'll want to find out the reason for your dandruff. Any number of things could be causing your dandruff such as a skin condition, sensitivity to products, or dry skin. 

    If you know it's dry skin, look for a shampoo that is moisturizing. This will help combat your dry skin which will reduce dandruff.

    If you are sensitive to products then you'll want to find one with very few ingredients. You'll also want to find one with gentle cleaning ingredients.

    Another thing to look for if you have sensitive skin is claims of being natural and organic. This means that there are no synthetic chemicals that are likely to cause irritation in your skin.

    You Need Beard Shampoo

    If you've noticed that your beard is scratchy and not as soft as it could be, it's time to start using a beard shampoo. This will help keep your beard healthy and touchable.

    Finding the best beard shampoo is about looking for one that is within your budget, with quality ingredients, that delivers on its promise.

    Buy high-quality shampoo for your beard today.

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    Men's Skin Care for Today's Complete Man

    Men's Skin Care for Today's Complete Man

    For men who want to maintain clean, great smelling skin, but also want to ensure healthy skin, the use of all natural and organic ingredients is the way to go. Products which are full of fillers, byproducts, and ingredients which simply aren't natural are doing more harm than good for your skin.
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    What is a Gentlemen's Handshake Agreement?

    What is a Gentlemen's Handshake Agreement?

    The gentleman’s handshake is a commonly used phrase in agreement making, finalizing a deal, and basically is an informal agreement between one gentleman to another, to create a formalized deal. But, are the terms of these “non-written” contracts binding? What is the origination of the term? We knew the handshake had been around a long time  and wanted to breakdown gentleman’s handshake, its origination, and how it is commonly used (both today, and throughout its history).
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