Manly Scented Candles - The Perfect "Man Candles"

Here is our bold selection of manly scented candles. We craft scents that make any room smell amazing.  We like to call this collection; Man Candles. 

Each hand-poured candle is created in small batches for the highest quality control. Each candle comes in a masculine amber jar.

Each candle also contains a wooden wick which adds style, creates a long burn time, and produces a nice gentle crackle that enhances the atmosphere in any room.  Every aspect of our design makes these masculine candles great candles for men whether for daily use or a perfect gift!

Bring Out The Atmosphere In Any Room With One Light

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Soy Blend Wood Wick Candle - Oud Wood - Artius Man
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Soy Blend Wood Wick Tobacco Vanilla Candle - Artius Man
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