Black Coffee Beard Oil Sample


If you love the smell of freshly roasted coffee this scent will blow your mind.

5ml Sample

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Customer Reviews

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Angel Martin

I got this for my husband who loves coffee and coffee scented things. I would compare the scent to when you first open a bag of dark roast coffee. I find it's not too "oily" on my hands when I rub it into his beard which is nice.

Keith B
Nice thick oil just not the scent for me…

Love the oil itself. Felt good in beard, and my beard loved it. The scent was coffee but came and went rather quickly.

radames santiago
Great Aroma!

Great scent and lasts a long time

Reuben K
Just like plain black coffee.

This oil smells just like a pot of black Folgers, or Maxwell house. If all you want is a subtle plain coffee scent, then this is for you. I don't really enjoy either of these brands of coffee, but if you do, this oil is for you. Not my favorite, but the scent is subjective. Feel in beard is obviously fantastic.

Neil Bonavita

Smells just like black coffee. YUM! I love the scent but it goes away quickly. The beard oil is similar to the other types. I really like the products