Black Coffee Beard Oil Sample


If you love the smell of freshly roasted coffee this scent will blow your mind.

5ml Sample

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Customer Reviews

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Black Coffee Beard Oil

Great oil, one of my favorites as far as the oil itself goes, but didn't care for the scent. It's called Black Coffee, but it reminded me more of used coffee grounds.

Mark Smith
Love this

This is a good oil with a unique and pleasant smell.

Carlos L.
Nice Aroma

I experienced a good feeling of hydration in my beard, what I don't like is that the scent doesn't last long, smells like real coffee grain but it quickly gets lost and after a few hours it doesn't feel on my beard anymore. I like the sample because of its 5ml size, I can carry it in my bag, I would have liked the aromas to be more intense. When applied to the hands and then placed on the beard, it distributes very well, leaving my beard hydrated and shiny. I do recommend it but I would like it to improve the intensity of the aroma.

Barry Griffin
Great product

Black coffee scent is fantastic and good feel in beard. The thicker viscosity made my beard feel Great!!. I would recommend to anyone to buy this product.

Chris Paradis
Black Coffee Bear Oil- The oil I will use from now on!

Serious, how they got the oil to have that aroma of fresh coffee I don't know, but I'm not questioning it. All I know is that it is my absolute favorite scent (my wife's too) and once you've had it there's no turning back!