Handmade Wood Beard Comb


Straighten and tame even the most savage beard with our classic and classy handmade wood beard combs.

Why Use A Wooden Beard Comb?

Artius Man's beard combs are handcrafted from fine sandalwood for a stylish and elegant look.  Being handcrafted and natural was important to us.  This means it has no machined parts or synthetic dyes or additives added. 

The reddish-brown tint to this wood is created naturally by the wood itself.  The teeth are gently polished and smoothed so they will slide through your beard, allowing you to straighten and tame your facial hair gently.

Wood VS Plastic Beard Comb...

Our wooden beard combs are also great for your beard because they will not cause frizz. Frizz is created by static and plastic combs as well as cheaply made nonnatural wood combs can easily cause beard frizz due to static.

Plastic can also bend easily, and we find they just don't comb as well.

Wide Tooth or Fine Tooth Wood Beard Comb

Select from our elegant fine-toothed beard comb if you have a short beard or fine beard hair or if you have a super-manly mane that hangs low, grab our wide-toothed beard comb.  In our opinion, a beard comb should always be made of natural wood and crafted by hand.  Beard combs made from plastic tend to have rough and jagged edges, which can cause beard frizz and snags. 

In our opinion, a beard comb should always be made of natural wood and crafted by hand.  Beard combs made from plastic tend to have rough and jagged edges, which can cause beard frizz and snags. 

Even a manly man knows you don’t want to snag or accidentally yank hair from your beard!  Never settle for a cheap beard comb.  Though we cost just slightly more than those cheap plastic combs, the little added cost you get a high-quality handmade wood beard comb you can trust.  Plus, we back all of our beard combs with our Gentleman’s Agreement.  

For the best results, comb your beard gently after applying some of our Artius Man Beard Oil.

Works on all beard types.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Wood Beard Comb

I love this beard comb! It is shaped perfectly, and it works way better than any comb I have used.

Mike M
Wide tooth comb

This comb has absolutely surpassed my expectations! Quality and feel are both top tier!
Thanks Artius!

Tom Howard

I ordered on 5/4/2021 and received on 5/6/2021. Excellent delivery and what awesome hand craftsmanship. I love the smell and the ease of use.
Awesome comb, more than I expected!! Thank you, Tom

Go with "medium/small" unless you are ZZ-top

Good quality combs. I have both sizes as I bought the wide one first. The "medium/small" is what I would recommend for short to medium beards; it's the same width as the larger end of my standard hair comb. The "wide" I would recommend if you have a ZZ-top beard. If you have any doubt go with the "medium/small". The thickness of the combs is quite thick, feeling a little weird; nothing bad but feels odd, but at least with the thickness you know it's not going to snap.

Fast shipping, excellent product

I found AM in an effort to boycott corporations (especially Amazon) and I am thrilled that I did. I struggle with latex allergy, so need brushes and combs made of wood and other non-synthetic materials. Bamboo is even a latex plant, which is primarily the only other alternative to plastic I could find. It was not "Amazon-fast" shipping, but people need to realize that there are societal consequences to the need-everything-right-now mentality. That being said, I ordered on May 30 and received it on June 3 at standard shipping. That is LIGHTNING fast for a small business. Will definitely order more products from these fine folks.

One suggestion I have is to consider changing this line on your website: "We also don’t want to use girly products that are not built for us!" It's not built for us either and most of us don't want to use all that gimmicky crap. Your products are marketable to women who want more natural options, so maybe just don't ostracize them right off the bat. But also please don't make some weird pink women's line. As the owner of a landscaping company, I can tell you how frustrating it is to only be able to find pink work gloves and boots at the outdoor stores. Nothing says "disrespect me" at the mulch yard like a bunch of bright pink work gear and tools. ;) Thank you so much! Will order again!