Humidor 5ml Sample

Our Humidor Beard Oil is scented with a complex blend of essential oils. You will notice a strong cherry top note when first applied; however, throughout the day this scent will reveal more subtle notes of vanilla, tobacco, helichrysum, cedar, agarwood (oud), balsam of Peru, and amyris essential oils for a unique fragrance unlike any other. 

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Customer Reviews

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Bob Poock
Love the scent

I absolutely love the scent of this oil. Perfect mix of tobacco, cedar, and cherry is not overpowering, but lasts a while nonetheless. Leaves my beard soft and enticing.

John G.
Awesome addition!

I've been using Artius beard products for a couple of years now and recently picked up a sample of this scent out of curiosity. Love the distinct cherry note at the onset and gradual transition into woody, tobacco notes as the day goes on. Very unique! I'll definitely be picking more of this up!

Lawrence Farlow
Love the scent!

I'm enjoying this oil. It's a rich, viscous oil and makes my beard soft and easy to style - and I really love the Humidor scent.

Eric A.
Great scent

I am really enjoying the scent of this oil. The viscosity of this oil is a little thicker than I am used to, but it definitely has its time and place. Will be looking forward to making another purchase in the near future.

Steve Roth
Humidor oil

Good medium to thick consistency. The scent reminds me more of French toast with syrup then cigars . I like the scent just not what I was expecting ( very cinnamon like). I will continue to use it. will deal with the desire for French toast while wearing it.