Midnight Ride Beard Oil Sample


Black licorice meets spicy!  If you love the scent of black licorice and spice you'll love this one.

5ml Sample

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Customer Reviews

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Reuben K
Perfectly on point.

This oil smells exactly like the description! It smells just like licorice and makes me crave it. It is so on point, I can't even wear it around my wife, who hates licorice. Obviously, the base oil blend is also fantastic.

Jeff Saylor
Black Jellybean!

This one hits pretty strong. I personally love it. My beard loves this oil. I think yours will too.

Lance Macugay
Midnight Ride beard oil sample

Feels great in my beard and the scent is amazing.

Ricardo Sanchez Segura
Great oil, scent not so much

I will start by saying that the oil is great, consistent and the result on the beard was spot on, now for the scents it was my problem. I bought 6 different types of scent and the only one that I could see myself using was the spiced latte, and more for daily/ work days, not really for a night out.

Devo N
Pure evil!

I started with two of the Beard oils. I was hoping that one would stand out so it would be easy to choose one. But I can not decide, they are both great. It's just pure evil making such a great product.