Summer Time 5 Pack Sampler!


Our Summer Time 5 Pack Sampler!  In the sample pack, you'll get the following scents:

  • Orange Grove: Citrus, earthy meets woodsy
  • Restoration: Cologne-style scent with notes of aud wood, tonka, and lavender
  • Campfire: Woodsy with smokey notes that will remind you of a campfire
  • Bay Rum: A spicy styled bay rum scent
  • Mountain Air: Woodsy, earthy with top notes of spearmint

Our Artius Man Beard Oil Sampler Packs are great for:

  • Travel
  • Testing New Varieties
  • A Night Out
  • Sample Kit Includes:
  • 5, 5ml bottles of beard oil
  • Approx: 30-40 days worth of beard oil!
  • Total Product Amount: 25 ML

    Other Great Things About Our Beard Oil

    • Paraben-Free
    • All Natural Scenting - No Cheap Fragrance Oils!
    • Cruelty-Free: Never Tested On Animals
    • Includes Natural & Organic Ingredients
    • Thicker Than Most Oils On The Market: A Little Goes A Long Way!
    • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Jason McDowell
    All of them are excellent

    I'm loving these scents...five stars for every one I've tried so far. Definitely my favorite oil these days.

    frank the tank
    my first beard (with oils)

    Buy the sampler. Test the scents yourself. Idk if they put extra things in the oils, but this is the first time a woman smelled my beard, touched it, and HAD TO drive her hands through it.

    The people designing these scents are geniuses!

    Buy the sampler. I'm buying the full viles of every scent that I enjoy and that others are appreciative of.

    Much love and growth to all!

    Gotta Try Them All!

    The sample pack is perfect for trying out the scents and getting a better feel for them. You may love some and not others but that's OK because that's what this pack is about, trying things out to see what works for you. There's enough to ensure you got a good few days worth of application per scent which is nice because some scents take time to grow on you.

    Best Quality Beard Oil Yet

    I ordered a bottle of beard oil & beard balm in the Citrus Fire & the 5 pack sampler. I love Artius Man oils & balms. The scents are great, the order was shipped quickly & I can't wait to start trying other products.

    Josh. W

    Michael W.
    no artificial smell

    This is thick oil, and the scents were great! I appreciate the fact the scents included were so different, gives me an opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone. The orange grove scent is my favorite and the campfire is my least favorite, however I put the campfire in my beard and it wasn't terrible. I typically equate the smoke smell (it's campfire smoke, not smoke you smell coming off a smoker when you've got ribs cooking) as being dirty and wanting a shower, but for being outside in the summer and reminiscing on past evenings sitting with friends around a campfire yeah it was good for an evening refresh, probably would avoid putting this in during the morning. Refresh and Mountain air were both bright and sterile, smells like you are super clean and fresh, and Bay Rum, not overly sweet like you just threw a candy shop in your beard but still has that hint of sweetness. Back to Orange Grove, to me, growing up in the PNW, it smells more like pine sap and oranges, like when you climb the tree, get your hands sticky with sap and clean them with the Orange Gojo. If you know what I mean, and like it, you'll like this too.