The Logger Beard Balm


 The logger beard balm is a fresh, woodsy, outdoors scent that has base notes of clary sage and caps off with a sharp whiff of some of the most amazing spruce trees you've ever smelled. The Logger Beard Balm is a crowd favorite and comes in a generous 2 OZ. portion.

Ingredients:  Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, JoJoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Grape Seed Oil. All Natural Essential Oils For Scenting.

2 OZ.

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Customer Reviews

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Gustavo Alfaro

I LOVE this scent. I mean I love it. It's one of those that when you smell it you want an axe, a load of lumber, a flannel shirt, a light saber, and you want to scream "I FEEL LIKE A MAN. I WANT TO GO TO WAR!" OK...maybe that's a bit, but you get what I'm saying. doesn't last as long as I'd like. I think another reviewer here said that it smells strong starting off and then it goes away swiftly and leaves a scene of coconut oil or something like that. That's a good description of what it does. It feels good going on your beard, it lasts a long time, it (alongside the oil + the conditioner + the shampoo) all makes your beard feel soft and smooth and silky. But...alas...the only thing that handles the scent for a full day is really the oil. The rest is just kinda there.

Do I love the balm? Yes. Best I've felt on my beard so far. I've used other brands (some larger and some smaller) that have a chemical smell and still others that have a perfume smell and yet another that just...smells...I can't figure it out. They all last a LOT longer than this one does but they just don't have the right scent for me. I use cedar wood and eucalyptus scents around my house and my vehicle so I wanted to find something that matches that. This does perfectly...but only for about 30 mins to an hour.

So make sure you find a nice cologne if you're worried about the scent lingering. Otherwise, the quality is so spot on with texture and usage.

Customer service is TOP NOTCH. I contacted the email to let them know a tin I had purchased had absolutely no scent to it (I mean none at all) but I had still planned to used it as a travel tin. I didn't ask for a replacement. I didn't ask for any special treatment. I didn't ask for anything. It was just one business owner reaching out to another to let them know of a possible mishap. The owner asked a few questions and sent me another tin free of charge. This guy takes his company serious.

Scent: 7 out of 10
Ease of use: 10 out of 10
Customer service: 10 out of 10

Would buy again. Already have actually...twice...

Koz Smith

great product, this is my second best balm, another five star absolutely.

Thomas Robinson
The logger

Also another great sent by Artius man

Thomas Nowadly
Balm Good, Butter Better

Love the smell, but it doesn’t linger as long as I would like. I much prefer their beard butter, which has better hold and longer lasting scent.

Another Home-run!

Love this balm! Smells like fresh chopped Xmas trees! Not too strong or over the top, just right!

bravo AM!