Beard Balm At Night For Better Daily Results?

Beard Balm At Night For Better Daily Results?

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We're getting into the mailbag on some questions we get from new or first-time beard growers.  Today's question is: should I use beard balm at night before bed for an optimal beard care routine?  Believe it or not, we get this question often, so I wanted to take some time out today to explain our thoughts to help you unlock the best beard you can personally grow. The more you learn, the earlier on, the easier it is to maintain your beard.

To begin with, you should use beard balm at night, and you likely already know the answer as to why.  Like all beard products, beard balm helps lock in moisture and helps condition the skin and beard hairs. 

Having a well-conditioned beard is essential because having a hydrated beard leads to softer beards, less irritation, and an overall better look.  To put it bluntly, the softer the beard, the less itchy, and the less itchy, the happier you'll be.

The Simple Night-Time Balm Routine That Will Work Wonders For Your Beard

Simplifying your night beard care routine.  Below we'll break down a simple nighttime routine that will help you soften your beard while you sleep.  

  1. Start with a lukewarm shower before bed.  I can't stress this enough, but you need to avoid the hot shower and stick with the lukewarm shower.  This will help keep your beard from drying out.  A lukewarm shower will also help you remove any toxins, dirt, and debris from the beard.  Keep in mind you don't need to wash the beard with beard shampoo at this point (for more about our washing routine, read this), but you'll want to rinse the beard out with the lukewarm water.  This also helps take care of the skin underneath, which will help prevent pimple breakouts.
  2. Towel dry your beard.  Towel dry your beard immediately after your shower so that the beard is only slightly damp at this point.  You do not need to use a hairdryer as that will end up overdrying your beard.  You want the beard to have slight dampness before applying the beard balm.
  3. Apply beard balm (we have 20 to choose from).  Make sure to warm the balm up in your hands by rubbing your hands together first.  If you do not fully melt the balm in your hands, it can leave small clumps in your beard.  Apply beard balm only when it feels like it's fully melted in your hands.  Using beard balm that uses as many all-natural ingredients as possible is the best idea.  Our balm is made with all-natural ingredients include our cocoa butter and shea butter but our scenting is also 100% all-natural essential oils as well.
  4. Comb or brush your beard.  Now is a good time to comb or brush your beard to help distribute the oils from the beard balm and your skin evenly.  This also helps remove any tangles from the beard.  Combing your beard, in general, is a great way to distribute your natural oils from your skin throughout the beard as well.
  5. Shower in the morning.  The following morning you should shower again, in a warm or lukewarm shower, and rinse your beard out.  The balm from overnight will rinse out of your beard quickly!  You can optionally rinse with our beard conditioner as well if you're in between beard shampooing days.  Using beard conditioner helps your beard maintain even greater softness.

What Will This Nightime Routine Do For Your Beard?

This simple routine will do wonders for your beard. This overnight routine will help reduce split ends, brittleness of the beard, and it will help keep your beard and skin conditioned adequately while you sleep.  Since you're following all of the above steps, you'll also get that added benefit of fewer beard tangles, less irritated skin under the beard, and overall experience a softer beard. 

Also, keep in mind that doing this will not result in clogged pores since the shea butter in the balm is gentle on the skin, and you're essentially rinsing your beard out during your morning routine. This means you'll be cleaning the beard with water, which also means you're cleaning down to the skin.

If this is your first time following this routine, it's not going to make your beard and skin instantly feel better.  You'll need to follow this process daily, and then over a short period, your beard will start feeling softer and a daily basis.  It's such a simple routine that it does not take much time, so the time versus benefits is enormous.  

What if you hate having a scent in your beard while you sleep?  

Some men can't stand having any scents in their bed during sleep, and we understand entirely!  While I personally enjoy having some light scents in my beard while I am resting and while certain scents are a great addition to a good night sleep, if you are not a fan, just use our unscented balm, and you won't have to worry about it!  If you do like some scent in the beard but want a mellow scent, try something like our Classic Gentleman Sandalwood Beard Balm.

That's it!  So don't be afraid to use beard balm at bedtime while you sleep.  We believe this to be an excellent beard care routine, and we recommend that you give it a try.  When you try out the method above, I think you'll be surprised at how great your beard starts feeling every day!

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