How To Soften Beard Stubble Naturally With 4 Simple Tips

How To Soften Beard Stubble Naturally With 4 Simple Tips

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If you're looking for a way to soften beard stubble naturally, then you'll do yourself a huge favor by reading through this easy-to-follow 4 step guide.  It's important to understand that some men have thicker beard stubble and others have naturally thinner or softer beard hairs, so their stubble is already softer to start with.  Regardless of how rough your stubble is, we're going to show you how to solve it in 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Wash Your Beard Stubble With Beard Shampoo

A good beard shampoo, like ours, will go a long way in softening up your beard stubble.  Specially formulated beard shampoos contain additional oils that will help soften your beard naturally.  You won't need to wash your beard daily; in fact, make sure you only use beard shampoo 2-3 times per week.  Overdoing this process can actually make your beard feel worse (read more about the entire process here).  Also, while we're talking about washing your stubble, make sure to never use body soaps or other cleansers on your stubble, as doing so could dry your stubble out, causing itchiness or rougher stubble.

Step 2: Apply Beard Oil Daily

Even if you only have stubble, you can and should use beard oil (check out our formula) on your stubble. This entire process is easy to do, and you can do it twice per day.  Simply put about 1 drop of beard oil into the palm of your hand and rub your hands together until the beard oil is warm.  Once the beard oil is warmed up in your hands, wipe it gently into your stubble.  Make sure to then brush or comb the beard stubble to really work the oil into the skin and stubble.  You should do this entire process, once in the morning after a shower and once before bed, to allow the beard oil to help soften overnight as well.  Beard oil softens the beard stubble, feels great on the skin, and smells fantastic as well.

Step 3: Brush Or Comb Daily

Like we mentioned above, you should comb or brush beard oil into your beard daily.  You can use one of our wooden combs or brushes for this.  This process will help stimulate the natural oils on your skin and help spread them through the stubble.  Plus, a light stubble brushing always feels great on the skin as well!

Step 4: Avoid Super-Hot Showers

You would think a hot shower would be great for your beard stubble, but it's not.  In fact, a hot shower will not only dry out your beard fuzz, leading to beard dandruff, but it also can make your beard stubble more brittle as well.  When the stubble gets brittle, it can make your skin itch and feel worse than before.  To avoid hot showers, take either a cool shower or one where you alternate between warm and cool water.  Alternating between cool water and warm water every couple of minutes that you're in the shower will ensure that you never use hot water, and it will help keep the hair all over your head and face from drying out.

Using our tips above will help soften beard stubble for any man!  So give these tips a try, and this should alleviate your issues.

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