What Is Beard Butter and What Is It Used For?

What Is Beard Butter and What Is It Used For?

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If you've got a beard, you've probably been searching for solutions to help it look and feel its best.  You may have even heard about various beard care products and wondered what is beard butter and would it be useful for you?  We will dig into that topic and how you can get the best care for your beard right now.

So, What Is Beard Butter?

Beard butter is essentially an ointment that can be applied to beards to help relieve itching, aid in beard growth, stop beard dandruff, "beardruff," soften the beard, improve look and increase overall beard health.  It does these things when you apply this ointment to your beard (see our tutorial on that here).  Once the product has been applied to the beard and skin underneath, it starts to condition the beard and skin and, over time, will help improve your beard.

Beard butter does similar things to beard oil and beard balm but is slightly different than both.  Beard Balm is a solid formula just like beard butter, but the balm is harder because it contains beeswax.  This means when you want to use beard balm, you typically need to scrape it out of the container.  Beard butter does not need to contain beeswax, so it is applied more like a paste rather than a solid.  Ultimately, this gives beard butter a creamier texture which many men prefer.  You can see our breakdown of the complete differences between balm and butter here.

Beard oil, on the other hand, is a liquid.  It's a series of carrier oils mixed with essential oils that can be applied to the beard.  All 3 of these beard care products do similar things, but it all comes down to the preference for which you like the most.

Whipped Beard Butter Vs Non-Whipped Beard Butter

There are two different styles of beard butter: Whipped Beard Butter and Non-Whipped Beard Butter.  So let's discuss the difference between the two styles.

First, let's discuss what a whipped beard butter is.  Whipped beard butter is basically a beard butter whipped with a high-speed blender or mixer that injects a large amount of air into the formula.  While this formula looked great and creamy at first, the air injection created a false volume of formula.  Therefore, whipped beard butter gives the user less product to apply to their beard.  This method also, at times, can become gritty due to mixing in a lower quality shea butter.

Artius Man Beard Butter Is Different

Let's look at how we make our non whipped beard butter formula.

We start with a special high melt shea butter. This butter is formulated to eliminate the gritty texture that commonly forms over time with other butters. We then add 76-degree coconut oil and ultra-refined cocoa butter to our melters. After these ingredients melt, we add our carrier oils:  Jojoba, Meadowfoam Seed, and Avocado. Once incorporated, natural essential oil blends are added for scent, and the batches are poured into 4oz jars. The jars are then blast chilled in an industrial refrigerator for 6 to 8 hours. After removing from the refrigerator, the jars are inspected and then lightly hit with a heat gun for that ultra-smooth finish.  This entire process from start to finish is done entirely by hand, and while this is a tedious process, the end result is worth it.  The final product is an unmatched beard butter!

We recommend checking out our Beard Butter line found here.


So ultimately, beard butter is going to help you have a better-looking, less itchy, and more attractive beard.  While we create beard butter, beard oil, and beard balms, it's ultimately your preference that will determine which formula is right for you.  

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